Surrey dental implants can stop the facial bone deterioration due to teeth loss

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The loss of teeth creates many problems from the dissolving of bone structure to the loss of support for the face; giving the increased appearance of age and wrinkles and damage to the remaining teeth bearing the stress of chewing. Once enough teeth are missing then food choices and nutritional changes begin to cause medical problems and affect your general well being. Loss of a Single Tooth Even after the loss of one tooth,…

Mouth piercing health issues explained by dentist in Surbiton

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The fashion of “body art” is very popular, especially as many high profile celebrities have had tattoos, piercings and other decorations applied to their bodies. Mouth decorations, especially piercing, is particularly fashionable, but does carry risks, not only to the teeth and mouth itself, but also to your general health. There is little control over who may set up a body piercing studio. Sterilising equipment e.g. autoclaves, are expensive and some practitioners may not…

Tooth Ware Explained by Surrey Dentist

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Definitions of tooth wear Different countries interpret the definition slightly. The focus tends to be on erosion, but abrasion and attrition are also important, and these are combined with erosion, the result is extremely damaging. Clinical appearance of erosion A classic picture of erosion is cupping out of the occlusal surface and exposed dentine. In some patients, there is palatal erosion and exposed pulp, which is usually indicative of erosion from regurgitation acid. Clinical…

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