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Prices & Fees

Examination & X-rays


Fee varies depending on complexity of every case. Each patient is accessed individually and a specific custom-made treatment suggested. All fees and appointment requirements are discussed prior to any appointments.

Inhalation sedation
From £250session
Intravenous sedation by specialist in sedation
£350 per hour


1/2 Hour appointments
1/2 Saturdays appointments
Extensive Treatment
£140 per hour
Scaling with dentist
£150 per 20 min
Direct access hygienist

Restorative Dentistry

White Fillings depending on the number of surfaces

Composite white filling (depend on the size of filling
From £95
Temporary filling

Crowns / Inlay / Onlay

Metal ceramic crowns
CEREC inlay and only (one visit only)
From £650
Highly aesthetic full ceramic crowns
From £890
Gold crowns
From £850
From £350
Core-build up in surgery
From £190
Veneers (depending on the material will be used and patient expectation)
From £750
Temporary crown only

Periodontal Treatment

Finance is available over three years

Extensive examination including X-rays, photos and written treatment plan, prior commencement of treatment Clinical &+ x-ray examination + written treatment planning + second appointment for discussing treatment and procedures .
Periodontal treatment (scaling and root planning per quadrant)
From £390
Periodontal surgery (per quadrant)
From £650
Periodontal review
Soft tissue graft (per area)
From £850
Crown lengthening (per tooth)
From £550

Cosmetic Dentistry

The fee to be discussed individually

Teeth Whitening

Home whitening
Enlighten system: home + in surgery teeth whitening
Icon-treatment to remove white patches on the teeth
From £350
Teeth whitening trays
From £150

Dental Bridges

Finance is available over three years

Full ceramic (per unit)
From £875
Metal fused porcelain (per unit)
From £750
Temporary bridges made by laboratory
£350 per unit
Maryland bridges (3 units) in metal ceramic
From £1450
Maryland bridges (3 units) in Zirconia ceramic
From £1650

Dental Implants

Experienced and specialist team-finance is available over three years

Implant treatment for single implant depending on which implant system we use
From £2400
Large cases 1. Full record required (clinical examination/ X-rays/CBCT /3D scan required for treatment planning and quotation
Require individual assessment

Orthodontic Treatment

Consultation with general dentist
Consultation with Orthodontist
Second opinion without x-rays
Fixed metal braces
One arch
From 2730
Two arches
Fixed ceramic braces
One arch
Fr £4200
Two arches
Orthodontic records & written treatment plan
Incognito lingual braces
One arch
From £4095
Two arches
From £8295
Combination upper lingual & Lower ceramic brackets
From £6700
Invisalign aligner
From £3600
Inman aligner
From £2100
6 Month Smile – upper and lower jaw
From £2700
One arch metal
From £1950
Two arches metal
From £3000
One arch metal
From £2730
Two arches metal
From £3900
Removable Essix retainer DIGITAL IMPRESSION
From £150
Removable Hawley retainer
From £150
Removable Barrer retainer
From £150
Fixed retainer
From £265
Retention review after 12m
From £75
Repair of bonded retainer
From £95
Replacement bonded retainer
From £275
Children other
Removable appliance
From £700
Functional appliances
From £850
Rapid palatal expander
From £800
Orthodontic Emergency for outpatients
From £150 per hour

Root Canal Treatment

Incisor With Endodontist
From £750
Premolar with Endodontist
From £850
Molar depending on the number of the root and severity of the infection with Endodontist
From £950
Bleaching of root filled tooth after root filling in front teeth
from£200 per session

Oral Surgery

From £190
Wisdom teeth extraction
From £350 depending on complexity


Acrylic/Flexi denture
from £1500
Complete upper and lower acrylic denture
from £3000
Cobalt chrome denture single arch
from £1600
Cobalt chrome upper and lower
from £3500
Immediate emergency denture (single denture)
Requires individual assessment
From £250
From £300
Adding tooth or clasp
From £250


In-House Care plan 2 check-ups per year with X-rays + one hygienist and 15% on any treatment required
£9.24 per month
Examination for age 6-12
Large X-rays
Small Digital X-rays
Hygienist 30 min examination+ tooth varnish
Filling and extraction on baby teeth
From 75
Filling on adult teeth – white filling depending on the number of the surfaces
From £125
Fissure sealant for prevention
From £65

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