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Prices & Fees

Examination & X-rays

Surbiton Smile Care Plan: 2 check-ups per year with X-rays + two hygienists and 15% off any treatment required
£16.97 p/month
New patient dental examination including the required x-rays
£82 -£144
Routine examination
Small X-rays (low dose radiation)
Panoramic X-ray (Low Dose Radiation) Latest equipment
CT–scan (referral is accepted)
From £125
Children X-rays
Half price of adults
Implant consultation (no x-ray and written treatment plan)
Free chat
Cosmetic consultation (no x-ray and written treatment plan)
Free chat
Emergency appointments
From £95
TMJ Splint
From £290
Sport mouth shield
Sport mouth shield (individual designed)
Emergency examination+ X Rays for outpatients
From £155 excluding medication


Fee varies depending on complexity of every case. Each patient is accessed individually and a specific custom-made treatment suggested. All fees and appointment requirements are discussed prior to any appointments.

Inhalation sedation
From £190 session
Intravenous sedation by specialist in sedation
£350 per hour


1/2 Hour appointments
1/2 Saturdays appointments
Extensive Treatment
£130 per hour
Scaling with dentist
£95 per 20 min
Direct access hygienist

Restorative Dentistry

White Fillings depending on the number of surfaces

Composite white filling (depend on the size of filling
From £95
Temporary filling

Crowns / Inlay / Onlay

Metal ceramic crowns
CEREC inlay and only (one visit only)
From £550
Highly aesthetic full ceramic crowns
From £790
Gold crowns
From £650
From £250
Core-build up in surgery
From £190
Veneers (depending on the material will be used and patient expectation)
From £750
Temporary crown

Periodontal Treatment

Finance is available over three years

Extensive examination including X-rays, photos and written treatment plan, prior commencement of treatment
Periodontal treatment (scaling and root planning per quadrant)
From £300
Periodontal surgery (per quadrant)
From £650
Periodontal review
Soft tissue graft (per area)
From £850
Crown lengthening (per tooth)
From £550

Cosmetic Dentistry

The fee to be discussed individually

Teeth Whitening

Home whitening
Enlighten system: home + in surgery teeth whitening
Icon-treatment to remove white patches on the teeth
From £350
Teeth whitening trays
From £150

Dental Bridges

Finance is available over three years

Full ceramic (per unit)
From £850
Metal fused porcelain (per unit)
From £690
Temporary bridges made by laboratory
£350 per unit
Maryland bridges (3 units) in metal ceramic
From £1200
Maryland bridges (3 units) in Zirconia ceramic
From £1250

Dental Implants

Experienced and specialist team-finance is available over three years

Implant treatment for single implant dependign which implant system we use
From £2250
Large cases
Require individual assessment

Orthodontic Treatment

Consultation with general dentist
Consultation with Orthodontist
Second opinion
Fixed metal braces
One arch
From 2600
Two arches
Fixed ceramic braces
One arch
Fr £3900
Two arches
From £4700
Orthodontic records & written treatment plan
Incognito lingual braces
One arch
From £3950
Two arches
From £7500
Combination upper lingual & Lower ceramic brackets
From £6500
Invisalign aligner
From £4000
Inman aligner
From £2100
6 Month Smile – upper and lower jaw
From £2700
One arch metal
From £1850
Two arches metal
From £2900
One arch metal
From £2500
Two arches metal
From £3900
Removable Essix retainer
From £120
Removable Hawley retainer
From £150
Removable Barrer retainer
From £150
Fixed retainer
From £250
Retention review after 12m
From £75
Repair of bonded retainer
From £80
Replacement bonded retainer
From £250
Children other
Removable appliance
From £700
Functional appliances
From £850
Rapid palatal expander
From £800
Orthodontic Emergency for outpatients
From £150 per hour

Root Canal Treatment

Incisor With Endodontist
From £750
Premolar with Endodontist
From £850
Molar depending on the number of the root and severity of the infection with Endodontist
From £950
Bleaching of root filled tooth after root filling in front teeth
£200 per session

Oral Surgery

From £190
Wisdom teeth extraction
From £350 depending on complexity


Acrylic/Flexi denture
from £1500
Complete upper and lower acrylic denture
from £3000
Cobalt chrome denture single arch
from £1600
Cobalt chrome upper and lower
from £3500
Immediate emergency denture (single denture)
Requires individual assessment
From £250
From £300
Adding tooth or clasp
From £250


In-House Care plan 2 check-ups per year with X-rays + one hygienist and 15% on any treatment required
£9.24 per month
Examination for age 6-12
Large X-rays
Small Digital X-rays
£7 each
Hygienist 20 min
Filling and extraction on baby teeth
From £55
Filling on adult teeth – white filling depending on the number of the surfaces
From £75
Fissure sealant for prevention
From £47

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