Kingston Dentist Talks About Acid Wear.

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Did you know that many of the foods and drinks we enjoy as part of a modern diet (including soft drinks, fruit juices, wine, fruit teas, certain fruits and vegetables, and balsamic vinegar) contain acids that can temporarily soften tooth enamel? This is a concern, because acid-softened tooth enamel can be more easily worn away during brushing. This condition, commonly known as “acid wear” or “acid erosion”, can result in sensitive and/or discoloured teeth…

Tooth Ware Explained by Surrey Dentist

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Definitions of tooth wear Different countries interpret the definition slightly. The focus tends to be on erosion, but abrasion and attrition are also important, and these are combined with erosion, the result is extremely damaging. Clinical appearance of erosion A classic picture of erosion is cupping out of the occlusal surface and exposed dentine. In some patients, there is palatal erosion and exposed pulp, which is usually indicative of erosion from regurgitation acid. Clinical…

What is Gum Disease? Discussed by Kingston Dentist

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Gum disease describes inflammation of gingival tissues as a result of a build-up of bacterial plaque, and it is extremely common – in the UK, 83% of adults show signs of gum disease. Depending on its severity, gum disease can be classified either as gingivitis or periodontitis. Gingivitis Gingivitis is the milder form of the condition, consisting of an irritation of gum tissues which is reversible with treatment to help remove and control the…

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