Fernando Carneiro

Recently I have visited Surbiton Smile Centre, for the first time for a check up where I had the opportunity to tell Dr Simin about a wisdom tooth I had which was bothering me a lot. I had gone to hospitals and various clinics to find some hope, everyone said they wouldn’t take it out because my wisdom tooth was too close to my facial nerve and that removing it will be too risky as I could lose some facial movements if the nerve was damaged. Dr Simin told me she had the right skills to have the procedure carried out safely and that if I wanted I could book an appointment so she could have a go on it. I came back a week later, Dr Simin had safely removed my tooth. The procedure was very smooth and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. it has now been a few weeks and I feel much better. I have healed very quickly and now feel very safe in the hands of Dr Simin. Will definitely be coming back. Thank you Dr Simin & Team

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