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Extreme crowding in lower jaw plus proclined upper front teeth


Ceramic clear brackets

Our Solution:Use of ceramic clear brackets in upper and lower teeth


At the age of 27 Ms H felt it was time to straighten her teeth, before encountering any further problems later on in her adult life. There was severe crowding of her teeth in her lower jaw, which had caused irregular positioning thus making it difficult for Ms H to maintain good oral hygiene. Also, her upper lateral incisors were proclined (inclined outwards) and this had led to a smtall gap between her front teeth.




Prior to the orthodontic treatment, Ms H had to have a pre-molar tooth removed. Fixed clear ceramic orthodontic braces were used in her upper and lower teeth for a duration of approximately 2 years. Once the treatment was finished a fixed retainer was bonded behind her lower front teeth to keep them in place. These teeth, after orthodontic treatment, can have a tendency to shift back to their initial position. The retainer stops this from happening. It can consist of a metal bar or wire and therefore must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid oral health issues.

End Result

After – With retainer visible behind teeth


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