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Trauma Case: Chipped front tooth due to an accident

Length of Treatment

Same day

Operating Dentist

Dr Simin Soltani


Cosmetic treatment

Our Solution:Broken tooth repaired by the technique of bonding



Despite enamel being the hardest substance in the human body it is not completely immune to being damaged. In accidents where the face and teeth take the brunt of the impact from an object, by falling over and hitting something or even something hitting you, tooth damage can occur.



With a small chip where there is no pain or threat to the rest of the tooth, it is possible to just have the sharp edges cleaned up using polishing tools. A technique known as cosmetic contouring. The look of the smile may well be affected but it might be too small to be noticed. However, in this case study the chip is large and is obviously more noticeable. Ms D wanted to get the chip repaired not only for cosmetic reasons but also
since the chip was reaching close to

The chipped tooth was thoroughly cleaned and then an acid etching process was used to roughen up the tooth surface at a microscopic level. A medical-grade adhesive was applied and then the composite teeth bonding material was added to the tooth and moulded into shape to restore the natural look of her tooth.

A special light was then shone to cure the bonding agent and adhesive to ensure that it all remains firm.

End Result


Ms D was pleased with the end result. Her self-assurance was re-established. With a good routine of regular brushing and dental flossing she can expect to get good service from her restored front tooth.

Repairing broken teeth

The exact treatment used will be dependent on the nature of the break and whether the pulp has been exposed.

Bonding and dental veneers are two options for the front teeth since they can restore the cosmetic appearance.

However, sometimes the break can influence the strength and rigidity of the tooth, and so a dental crown will often be a common requirement.
With molars (the large back teeth) the cusps that form the chewing surface can break off leaving the underlying tooth structure intact. In such instances a partial crown (also known as an inlay or onlay) can be used. These are made in a dental laboratory for a precision fit.

If decay is the reason for the break, then root canal treatment might be an option to repair the tooth, or it might unfortunately be necessary to extract it.

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