Joshua Goodall

A 30 year old guy who has only been to the dentist twice in last 15years, always avoiding it at all costs because of built up anxiety. I chipped my tooth 2months ago and it had got worse and worse before the pain got too much that I had to visit a dentist. After googling local dentists Surbiton Smile showed up as one of the best reviewed. After examining the problem we agreed I would remove my tooth the following day, I told the lady I needed some sort of sedation to get me through this process and I was advised Valium and “Laughing Gas”. I can safely say this was the most amazing experience, I laughed the whole way through the procedure and could not believe it was over. The gas can take a while to kick in until you allow yourself to relax. But the whole process has actually made me want to come back and sort out other decaying teeth (booked back in for next week). The customer service is second to none. I highly recommend any anxious patients like myself to visit this dentist.

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