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Deep bite & Cross bite causing problematic relationship between upper and lower jaw


Ceramic and metal braces

Our Solution:Use of ceramic and metal braces



Mr A had both a deep bite and a cross bite, which had led to a difficult relationship between his teeth in his upper and lower jaws. There was also extreme overcrowding of teeth which needed to be addressed in order to prevent further problems for Mr A later in life. At the age of 32, Mr A decided to go ahead with orthodontic treatment.


No extractions were needed, and Mr A had a clear ceramic brace fitted to his upper teeth and a metal expander fitted to his lower teeth. The treatment lasted for 2 years and 5 months. (Note: If these problems had been fixed in childhood, then the treatment would have been able to take into account, natural growth and therefore would have taken a shorter time span.)
The metal expander fitted to the lower jaw will move teeth and will upright them if they are tipped inward. The other added advantage is that the lower teeth can be spread/flared to fit in with the top jaw. Thus, the aim of the expander is to align the upper and lower jaws to meet properly and give Mr A the fantastic smile he deserves.

End Result


In using a metal expander, Mr A was instructed to follow good oral hygiene throughout the treatment in order to avoid tooth decay and gum problems in the future. Food and debris can get caught under the expander, so it is important to flush these out before they become an issue.

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