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Edentulism (No teeth)

Length of Treatment

6 Months

Operating Dentist

Dr Ingo Voges


Locator Implants

Our Solution:Implant retained dentures. 4 locator implants in Upper Jaw & 3 locator implants in lower jaw


Upper Jaw – Four locator implants

Mrs W wore dentures that had become very loose because of the bone loss in her jaws. This meant that she could not eat comfortably for fear of producing aggravating sores on her gums. A further apprehension for Mrs W was that socialising always had the potential to be embarrassing, as her dentures were constantly threatening to fall out. As such Mrs W was very unhappy with this state of affairs. The only solution was to build a new set of implant-retained dentures for Mrs W.


Lower Jaw – Three locator implants

In consultation with Mrs W a Treatment Plan was devised such that four implants in the upper jaw were fixed to produce a locator framework for the upper over denture. In a similar manner three implants were also fixed to her lower jaw thus providing a further locator system for her lower over denture. A new set of dentures were crafted to fit in with the installed locator system. This secures the dentures in place but also allows for their removal.

End Result


We easily take for granted the relevance and functionality of our teeth, but they support our lips and cheeks, giving our face a fuller more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Tooth loss generally lowers a patient’s quality of life, with decreased self-esteem and a decline in psychological well-being.

With her dentures now securely fitted, Mrs W looks much happier and there was the added bonus of fewer wrinkles appearing around her mouth. Now Mrs W can eat anything that she likes without the accompanying stress and also stay healthier as a consequence.

Her life has been completely revitalised. She can talk and smile in total confidence. Mrs W has had her new dentures for over three years now and attends her annual check-up regularly.

Every time she visits us, she has a beaming smile. The staff at the Surbiton Smile Centre ® take great satisfaction seeing how their work and care can transform and improve the quality of their patient’s lives.

In Mrs W’s own words:

I only had a small swelling after the operation. After taking the prosthesis (removable denture) out, I was able to clean the implant ball attachments with a soft toothbrush. I just clean my over dentures with a brush and soap. I quickly got use to removing and replacing them. For this I push a finger under the dentures from both sides and pull them out with just a small tug. It is very neat and especially easy. It was a cost effective and affordable solution and easy to keep clean. I now go to the dentist several times a year to have the implants cleaned and the fitting of the dentures checked.

If I compare my well-being prior to this treatment, I am definitely able to say that:

  • My general health has significantly improved. Now I also need a lot less medication.
  • My family and friends tell me that I now look years younger.
  • My confidence in social situations has greatly improved.

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