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The patient was not happy with the look of her existing four veneers

Length of Treatment

8 Weeks

Operating Dentist

Dr Simin Soltani


eMax Ceramic veneers

Our Solution:Replacement of old veneers with eMax Ceramic veneers




Ms C had four porcelain veneers fitted to her upper front teeth several years ago, by another dental practice. Unfortunately, over this period of time, her gum line had receded, exposing the surface of her teeth. She was recommended to visit the Surbiton Smile Centre ® for an initial consultation.




During her first appointment, we gave Ms C a detailed assessment in order to provide her bespoke advice and a quotation for the work. Once the treatment plan was agreed, the existing veneers were removed, and the surfaces of the teeth were tidied up. Impressions of the top and bottom teeth were then made, which were sent to the dental laboratory. Also detailed photographs were taken to convey information to the laboratory regarding face shape, lip volume and position, skin tone and features in the neighbouring teeth.

In the meantime, around two weeks, Ms C was given a set of temporary veneers, made by us in the dental surgery. These were made to fit in with Ms C’s existing teeth, both in terms of shape and colour. Finally, at the second appointment, the actual veneers were finally placed, checked for fitting and bite. Note if the veneers are all correct, they will be finally cemented in, but if there is a need to ascertain comfortability when biting they can be temporarily cemented in to allow for any final adjustments.

End Result



Ms C was thrilled with the work carried out and made the comment that she thought she was smiling more fully now.

FAQ about Ceramic Veneers

What is a veneer? Veneers are thin slivers of a ceramic material that are fitted over your natural teeth. They are similar in concept to false fingernails or contact lenses, being as thin as 0.3mm.

Will a veneer help improve appearances? Ceramic veneers are exceptional for their reflection and refraction properties of light. This gives a very natural appearance. Severe discolouration, gaps or lost teeth may be treated with the help of veneers.

Are there any other uses for veneers? Natural teeth are not always in the ideal position for a perfect bite. An unstable bite can cause teeth to wear, chip or fracture. Over time teeth have a tendency to drift, which exacerbates any bite issues. The use of veneers can sometimes help to improve the forces used in biting.

Are there any disadvantages? Over time, just as in this Case Study, veneers do not last forever. It is generally expected that the life span of veneers is 15 years. Ceramic veneers are chemically bonded to the tooth underneath. Therefore, any removal will require the use of the dentist’s drill, which would inevitably affect the underlying tooth structure.


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