Sussan Dent, Surbiton

Dear Simin, I would like to thank you and the team at Surbiton Smile Centre for your excellent care and friendly welcome. I was dissatisfied with my previous dentist and chose your practice after reading the testimonials on your website. I can vouch through my own experience your level of care is exceptional. Over the last month I had what I thought was slight inflammation of the gums and over a month spread inside my mouth. I went to the Dr. who said to use Corsodyl and Bonjela but within a week it was clear my gums and mouth were Getting worse; after a visit to your surgery you diagnosed Oral Thrush and Within 2 weeks your prescription cleared the infection. I would also like to mention how pleased I am with the Cerec Onlay you carried out earlier in the year, because of your skill, knowledge and up to date technology I now have a natural looking tooth which is the same colour and shape as those alongside. The Hygienists have managed my gum recession and poor gum health exceptionally well, which my previous dentist overlooked. They gave information on how to manage and avoid further recession. The team at Surbiton Smile centre always welcomes me with a smile they are always friendly which puts me at ease each time I attend my appointments. Thank you Surbiton Smile Centre in restoring my oral health and self confidence.

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