Sam Brown

For many years I have been frightened to go to a dentist for my teeth. Iv not had many problems so I have put it off going until one day I had a bad pain in my tooth and I needed to find a dentist ASAP. I was recommended the smile centre and I was told to go and see Simin and her team so I reluctantly made the call. I explained the pain I was in and I was told to come in straight away which I thought was an amazing service but still I was feeling sick knowing I had to go there. From the time I opened there door to go in I was welcomed by the wonderful receptionist and introduced to Simin within minutes of waiting. Simin managed to calm me down within minutes and made me feel at ease with what she needed to do to make my pain go away. My feeling of being sick was disappearing as Simin made me feel comfortable in her surgery. Simin is a master at giving injections as I felt nothing when she had to give me an injection and within 10 minutes my pain was going. After everything was done Simin and her brilliant team kept me there until I was fully ok and to be honest at this point I was happy to stay there all day as they are really nice people to have a chat with and they don’t make you feel that they are in a rush to get you out the door ready for the next patient. Simin you are amazing along with your team and I would fully recommend the smile centre to everyone. If your nervous like I was go and see Simin she is brilliant with nervous patients and I’m sure once you go there you won’t be nervous anymore about going. Thank you so much for everything you have done and I can’t wait to see you and your team of wonderful ladies at my next appointment.

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