Roz Palmer

I was 48 years of age and had neglected my dental health. I had teeth missing, inflamed and receding gums and bad breath, so I did my research and found the team at Surbiton Smile Centre. I first meet their Orthodontist, Theo, who suggested braces. 48 years of age seemed too old for me to have braces but I thought I’ve got a few more good years in me yet and I want to have a nice smile. Theo was wonderful; he moved my teeth so I only needed the one implant, saving me the cost of two implants. Next I meet Simi the Dentist who didn’t want to put an implant in until my gums had settled and my teeth were all alined. Her plan was to heal my whole mouth so as not to rush the process and end up with problems in a couple of years. With having missing teeth, my gums and jaw had receded and the the task of fitting an implant was a difficult one. Simi went above and beyond what I expected. The result is amazing., she worked her magic and I have a natural looking implant. Lastly I meet with Wendy the Hygenist who did a fantatsic job cleaning my teeth and gums. My gums are no longer inflamed and have stopped receding. Bad breath is also no longer problem for me. Overall, the whole procedure took 18 months. I’m so happy with the results. The lovely team at Surbiton Smile Centre have been amazing. My feedback is that they are a wonderful group of people who are at the top of their profession. Thank you all so much.

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