Roger Russell, Surbiton

From my first visit to the Surbiton Smile Centre, and I have made quite a few, calmness and confidence has been my experience; that is what Simin and Ingo express and it is how I now feel at every visit. I have had my teeth for more decades that I care to think about and I haven’t always looked after them very well but having received extractions, bridge work and a number of implants at the Surbiton Smile Centre I can say I have never been anything other than delighted with the result and the way it was achieved. I am particularly pleased with the implants Ingo has given me, just what I wanted. A result, of course, of his skill and experience but also because during the initial consultation Ingo doesn’t just explain all that will happen he also finds out what you want, what your expectations are and he takes note of that. Throughout the actual treatment Ingo tells you what he is doing and why, he continually checks if you are comfortable; you just know you couldn’t be in better hands. Simin’s friendly, caring approach is very relaxing; you are confident that the treatment she recommends is exactly what you need because she is easy to talk to and happy to answer all your questions. I am delighted with the work she has done on my teeth and really grateful to her for recommending implants. My teeth look good but they look real too and I’m so pleased about that. Many thanks to all at the Surbiton Smile Centre.

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