Nicholas Moysey – 9 years old

“Hi! My name is Nicholas Moysey, and this story is about my experience of my tooth been taken out. I went there with my tooth panning me as I brushed my teeth in the morning. I went in to the room sat on the chair Simi put the chair high and the bake down she had a look in my mouth and noticed the milk tooth on the left side had a abuses she explained that I was going to have a x-ray I went in to the x-ray room she operated the X-ray machine and a half cylinder went around my head I was biting on to a plastic thing( I am not quite sure how to explain it ) and a sport on my head she stopped the x-ray and went back into the dentist room and took another look at my teeth. Simi explained how she was going to remove the tooth. Then she put a special gel on a cotton roll and put it into my mouth to numb the gum before the injection. Then she got a syringe of anesthetic and injected my gums so it would not hurt when she took the tooth out. Do not worry as you only feel a little pin prick. Simi injected my gum, roof of my mouth. Simi then started to lever the tooth out, this did not hurt as the anesthetic had started to work. Simi then twisted the tooth gently then she got the pliers and pulled the tooth out. This did not hurt at all. I then had to bite on a cotton swab to stop the bleeding. I then started to feel a little bit ill and my legs felt wobbly. Simi then got me to lie down on the chair and put my legs up. This made me feel much better. She let me see the x-ray and put my tooth in an air tight bag. That is my story about my tooth being pulled out .I hope this will help you not to feel scared thank you for reading my story. Nicholas Aged 9 “

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