Lauren New

“I have just completed 9 months of treatment with the Smile Centre and I’m very happy! I’d always been unhappy about my teeth as they were a little crooked at the front, and this was visible in pictures when I smiled. When I got engaged, I knew it was time to do something about it, and had the extra motivation of a deadline of less than a year to get it sorted! I am a professional and didnt want anything too visible as my job requires me to meet and speak with people almost every day. I visited about 4 orthodontists to gain their opinion, and Theo at the Smile Centre was really helpful when I told him my requirements, and most importantly my deadline! He recommended clear Damon Braces which weren’t too obtrusive, and did the job in half the time that some other treatments would have done. I felt he listened to what I wanted and recommended what was needed rather than the most expensive option (which happened with some other orthodontists!) 9 months later the braces are off, I’ve had no issues and the treatment has been straight forward. Theo was professional throughout and kept me up to date and fully informed at each stage, keeping us on track for my date target. I’d highly recommend Surbiton Smile Centre to anyone thinking about treatment – its the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’m pleased I made the decision to do it!”

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