Katie Feighan

” I am so happy with my results achieved through the Enlighten teeth whitening. I had become increasingly unhappy with the discolouring of my teeth and was becoming self conscious when smiling especially as one of my front teeth had died years ago and was slowing turning a darker shade of grey. I had visited another dentist a year prior who had put me off with talk of root canal, veeners etc. on my dead tooth with a cost of over £1,000. I didn’t want to start messing with a front tooth in this way so I didn’t go ahead. I thought this was going to be my only option until I had a consultation with Simin who explained my dead tooth was stable and as long as I kept it monitored I wouldn’t have to have root canal as a matter of course. Simin recommended we try tooth whitening alone. So my dead tooth was bleached two weeks ahead of the rest of my teeth and then all together for a further two weeks to get a uniform result. I am so pleased with the results and 8 months down the line I’m still very happy. After a couple of weeks of the last surgery whitening I did find that my teeth lost their brightest white that had been achieved but as I drink tea once or twice a day I suppose that is to be expected. I have to top up once or twice a month to keep a shade that I am happy with so there will always be an element of maintenance but I would thoroghly recommend giving it a go especially if you have a dead tooth, which I notice is not uncommon so before you go through with capping or veneers it may be worth a try. “

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