Elena Boothman

When I first walked in the door I was an extremely anxious patient. I Had avoided going to the dentist for over 12 years after a bad experience as a child which left me me a large phobia of dentists. I’d also like to add that I wasn’t a big fan of needles either. A few years ago I developed a large crack in one of my teeth and even then I put off going to get it looked at until it got even bigger. At that point I tried to go to an NHS dentist but was too anxious to be treated so was referred to an NHS sedation clinic which was several miles away. After waiting several months, I was then told that I would need to be referred to the hospital as I was too anxious for the sedation clinic. It was at that point I decided to get a second opinion and looked for somewhere local that could offer sedation. From the moment I first called to now, I have found all the staff to be incredibly kind, understanding and patient with me. I saw Simin who took the time to explain all my options and was incredibly sympathetic and understanding. She reassured me as she had expreience in working with anxious patients. As I hadn’t been to the dentist in many years, I needed quite a lot of treatment . I was allowed to bring my other half in to sit with me during the first set of treatment to hold my hand and was reassured constantly by both the dentist and the dental nurse. I was able to go through the first set of treatment with gas and air and was even able to cope with the dreaded needle! Because of the time and patience they have given me, although still anxious,I was able to cope with the next set of treatment without any sedation. It has been a process but I’m now a lot less anxious about dentists. Simin has built a relationship of trust with me that I am now able to manage without the really strong fear that I used to feel. I’m very thankful I found this practice and for all the support and staff that have been so good with me. They are all so lovely every time I go in and it’s really reassuring to be in caring hands.

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