Dirk Von Tingle Tangle

I have been visiting Simin & Wendy at Surbiton Smile Centre for some years. I use the Practice Plan scheme which includes 3 Hygienist visits and 2 Dentist visits per year. Wendy (Hygienist) has taken me from borderline gum disease / Gingivitis to a good state of gum health which is only held back by my overly hard brushing, something which she chastises me for on every visit. Simin has done a great deal of work on my teeth over the years – including a fantastic set of central and lateral incisor crowns (front 4 teeth top) and 2 molar root canals + crowns. The dental technician Surbiton Smile Centre use to create crowns is an absolute Master. What can I say? I smile an awful lot these days! Excellent work, excellent service, excellent aftercare & lovely people.

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