Chris Kennett

I had my teeth straightened at Surbiton Smile Centre and now that I have had my braces removed I am extremely pleased with the excellent results. My teeth were very crowded before being straightened and I was initially unsure about how much they could be improved. I also had a problematic bite, which wasn’t ideal for eating. After a consultation with the knowledgeable team at Surbiton Smile Centre I was confident that having braces fitted was the right decision to improve my smile and bite. I chose the ceramic white braces and found them to be relatively discreet and unproblematic. I also chose to pay upfront, which meant that I got a discount; it also meant that everything including the braces, retainers, adjustments and even emergency repairs were all covered in one payment. During the entire 17 months that the braces were in place I had no problems at all, but was confident that if I did have any problems that they would be handled with quickly and professionally. Now that I have had my braces removed I am so much more confident with my smile and with my oral health in general. My family and friends have commented on my fantastic new teeth and one of my colleagues also decided to opt for orthodontic treatment at Surbiton Smile Centre because I told him of my positive experience. In addition to orthodontic treatment I have had dental work, check ups and teeth cleaning done at Surbiton Smile Centre. I highly recommend Surbiton Smile Centre for their expert treatment, friendly staff, great service and reasonable prices.

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