How Dental Braces Work as Explained by a Surbiton Orthodontist

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The dental braces are placed usually within one appointment; this is a rather long procedure, about one hour, but its painless. We will place on each individual tooth a bracket bonded directly to the enamel. An arch wire will be placed to unite the brackets in a single arc to deliver gentle force. When the teeth start to move, sometimes, some additional forces are required. It might be an extra traction worn at night,…

Inman aligners for quick teeth straightening in Surrey

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Teeth have a tendency to shift sometimes, causing upper and lower front teeth to become crooked, explains Surrey dentist Dr Soltani. This usually happens to adults who had orthodontic treatment when they were young. In these situations, people tend to consider braces first to correct the misalignment. However, with the revolutionary Inman aligners (made of a specialised plastic) mild misalignment of the front teeth can be corrected within a short time. Most Inman aligner…

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