6 Month Smile teeth straightening by your dentist at Surbiton Surrey

6 month smile in surbiton surrey6 Month Smile is a method to help move teeth quickly and comfortably. This is an ideal treatment for people who have been hiding their smile as they were not happy with their teeth and neither wanted to wear track braces. Now there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic solution offered by your Surbiton Surrey dentist.

Surrey Six Month Smile braces have nickel titanium wires and have the natural teeth colours, therefore they are hardly visible. They are more comfortable then the conventional braces as the create milder forces  fewer teeth to create the movement.

The treatment time as the name suggests is about 6 month- This is by far less then conventional track braces and invisalign. During the treatment you  meet your dentist few times to check upon the progress.

Six Month Smile is not ideal for fixing over or under bites due the technology of the braces, but there is alternative options that we offer here at Surbiton Surrey 6 Month Smile dentist to address different orthodontic concerns. Please ask our dentists for advice, they will be happy to discuss that with you further.

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